Do LED Bulbs Help Lower My Carbon Footprint?

10 Oct

Imagine a world where illumination sources are cool to the touch, portable, self-contained with no cables to tie you down, and boast an infinitely dimmable daylight or tungsten output (with virtually no color shift). All of this is now possible by simply turning a knob.

The bulbs in concern use up to 95% less energy than that of everyday lights. Power options? Choose from Snap-on batteries, AC adapters, cigarette lighter adapters, or alternatively, power them through your camera battery. Better yet, there’s a bulb available that runs on AA batteries. Many may think this too good to be true, this is however far from the case!

The world we are living in boasts an entirely new kind of production lighting. In fact, “LED bulbs” are now seen as a revolution in lighting.

This revolutionary lighting brings contemporary LEDs in the shape of unique patented light-emitting diode technology. LEDs boast professional production lighting.

Not like your ordinary lights, LED experts have been painstakingly created in order to showcase extraordinary lighting methods, to exceed the highest professional standards. LEDs are ultra-efficient, and luminous, and boast a soft, directional output, which is being praised by lighting experts, photographers, and cinematographers around the world.

Cool lighting, soft focus lighting, dimmable and ballast-free, LEDs boast a concept that offers a multitude of benefits, especially for those that work in a studio, or alternatively on-location anywhere in the world. It’s no surprise that LEDs have quickly become the industry’s most sought lighting tools

In order to buy into such a form of lighting technology, the online world is a great place to begin your lighting search. Here you will find reviews, lighting forums and virtual stores – all if whom boast exceptionally great prices and the best bit, an illumination source that is much better for the environment!


LED Light Bulbs Replace Halogen: Replace Halogen Bulbs With LED’s?

10 Oct

Many homeowners and interior designers tend to use flowers and plants, as such display really wake up any room in the home. You can however light these items further by using theatrically light. Simply illuminate a flower arrangement in washes of light, or aim the light directly under a big leaf so that it glows, as if in sunlight, despite it being midnight

A room should have numerous light forms in order to balance it and give it interesting glow: hanging fixtures with uplights and downlights will instantly add perspective to a certain object, including table lamps for tasks, and candlelight for cosiness. It’s a great idea to group beautiful candle displays in sets of twos or threes. These can be applied to various tables, as well as on window ledges. Opt for the fat solid styles and set them on the likes of flat stones or washed up pieces of driftwood.

When designing a gloomily dark apartment space, which features on a low floor, and where all the rooms tend to face out to a brick wall, use full-spectrum light bulbs around each and every existing window frames. Using a total of eight bulbs per frame, and hang a shutters in an elegant style with very wide louvers.

Simply tilt the louvers in any direction and they will instantly expose the light by illuminating either the ceiling or the floor. In order to achieve this effect, you may require the expertise of an electrician in order to rig up a timer, this will ensure the light changes throughout the day and year, mimicking the arc of the sun across the sky from east to west.

All of these lighting tricks use LED bulbs, and those that use led light bulbs to replace halogen bulbs are not only doing their bit for the environment, yet also their back pocket!


Floodlight Outdoors LED

05 Oct

Investing in floodlights is a great way to protect your property, regardless of whether this property is your home, your garage or your work environment. Floodlights also work to illuminate certain dark paths and passageways, which is an asset to those that often arrive back at home late or tend to work overtime in the office.

Those that wish to source such a lighting method can do so easily, simply type “floodlight outdoors led” into your search engine and you will be met with a range of styles, sizes and hues. You’ll certainly be able to source some great deals online.

Price doesn’t compromise on safety nonetheless and every cheap lighting source on the market today must be of a certain standard by law. The main distinction between a cheap light and a modified light is often down to the materials used.

Using an LED floodlight is a great way to limit on maintenance costs – LEDs tend to last for many, many years and therefore require non-regular replacements. Halogen bulbs on the hand blow quite regularly, which means tedious runs to the hardware store are a familiar task.

This is often a chore to those that have placed their lighting systems high up or in hard-to-reach areas. This is especially the case when using floodlights as most individuals wish to fix them as high as possible in order to promote a better spread of light.

Widespread research has found a cutting-edge choice of flexible 12V LED lighting strips. LED garden floodlights are effortlessly available in abundant colors, some of which display warmer light sorts, whilst other includes cool light sources.

They are a great option for those that wish to guard their property, but also for those that spend a lot of time outdoors. This is especially the case when the nights become darker extremely early.


Five Weird And Wonderful Uses for LED Lights

05 Oct

1962, the year in which the LED was first introduced to society, and ever since, the technology behind these innovative bulbs has been growing stronger and stronger.

At first, these bulbs were extremely pricy – a turn-off for many homeowners. As technologies progressed however, the bulbs begin to drop in price and by the mid 90’s; the advent of the high-powered LED was introduced. The diverse and wonderful uses for these bulbs are increasing day by day – LEDs are no longer lighting homes alone, yet a variety of everyday objects too.

Manufacturers, designers and the eco-friendly are releasing innovative and brilliant ways to deploy this technology, with today’s standard light emitting diodes being used in a variety of unique circumstances.

Listed below are five weird and wonderful uses for LED lights:

Spokes With Sparks

If you find your standard bike reflectors to be a little on the weak side, opt for LED wheel lights instead. Easy to attach and simple clip on, your bike spokes will instantly appear illuminated. The end result – an excessive glow. The entirety of the wheels light up in a rainbow of colors – vehicles and pedestrians will no longer have an excuse not to notice you.

Newsstand Night Light

When you’re up against several other magazines on the stand, one way to stand out is to boast a brighter cover than any of the others beside you. One print publication that went to extreme lengths to get noticed was Total Films. This Terminator-themed cover employed several LEDs to attract the attention of its readers.

Flashy Faucet

Why wash your hands in everyday running water when you can wash them in a fluorescent stream of light? According to the water’s temperature, the light changes from blue to red – making this both an aesthetically pleasing and safe lighting display.

Brilliant Balloons

Forget useless party decorations, these LED-fueled balloons observe the quantities of diesel in the atmosphere, varying in color from red to green to yellow. The changing colors are designed to inform individuals when to move to greener pastures. They also double up as attractive lamps.

Blazing Booze

Waterproof and freezer proof, MEDEA Vodka’s LED display lights up each and every time you empty a little of its contents. It has been programmed to feature up to six individual messages, all at 255 characters each. This exceptional display can even last up to a year!


LED Bulbs: Promising A Brighter Future

26 Sep

Illumination is a significant component in almost any location, business or industry – especially when a strong visual effect is vital for the promotion of the product or alternatively, the advertising of the concept. Since 1962, the light emitting diode (LED) has been used in a variety of marketable applications, the LED industry is now evolving and as such, manufacturers are now introducing a large number of ground breaking home applications. The approval of residential LEDs comes as the result of numerous diverse proposals and also, the countless ways in which LEDs can be used in the household.

In humblest terms, a light emitting diode is a semiconductor that is intended to harvest light. The original LEDs appeared in the shape of low energy devices that only produced an insignificant red light. Today’s LEDs however create a much higher strength of light, which is available in a wide range of cool and bright colours.

One of the most inspiring submissions of the LED has been in flat screen TVs and also, in computer displays. LEDs are used as the means of presenting the screen image with an astonishing clarity, tenacity and color correctness. Many favor this competing LCD technology, which is one of the reasons led bulbs are so popular today. LEDs can provide an immense image quality, and one that is easier on the eyes. TVs and computers however only make up a small part of this innovative bulb’s uses.

Led bulbs can now be seen in a variety of locations across the globe, this source of lighting is quickly substituting the traditional lighting methods. The reasoning behind this is the bulb’s efficiency, life expectancy and versatility. LEDs are up to 90 percent more effectual than that of incandescent light bulbs. Another immense quality comes in the shape of their impressive lifespan, which can last up to 15 years — seven years longer than that of a traditional light bulb. An LED also uses 80-90 percent less light energy and as a result of this, manufactures less heat. On a global basis, LEDs are environmentally friendly because they do not comprise of mercury.

Light emitting diodes are currently used in a wide range of lighting functions. They are used for aesthetic appearances in the shape of interior and exterior car lighting, traffic indications, aviation illumination, signs, smart lighting, fiber optics, medical expertise, plant illumination, security lighting and even Christmas tree decorations. In fact, LEDs can be designed for any lighting use because there are a wide range of sizes and shapes for these devices.

One of the most astounding physiognomies of LED know-how is that many of the lighting devices are now programmable. In other words, Infrared LED lighting when used in conjunction with remote controls has been predetermined to last for many years, whilst operating home entertainment systems on a regular basis. Newer “Smart Home” applications are now able to achieve several tasks:

Lighting Regulators — Modular LED lighting schemes are now able to alter both illumination levels and colours. The consequence of changing lighting can in turn create a certain ambience – all of this is possible through shifting the lighting concentration and colour.

Security and outdoor LED lighting can be integrated into a pre-existing system – when an alarm sounds – the light comes on. Another application is to create a lighting system that turns on every now and again when homeowners are away on holiday.

Home Entertainment Systems are another area to consider when it comes to using handy led bulbs — A home system can now be devised to incorporate lighting, sound, curtains and various apparatus into just the one established set of controls. This not only saves time, it also avoids clutter.

Lighting in the public sector – a number of business owners are beginning to realize the benefits of LED lighting and how it saves money, whilst offering an environmentally friendly alternative to that of wasteful incandescent lighting. Offices not only save on bills, they also save on hassle – halogen bulbs run out very quickly, which of course requires regular replacements. The replacement of these bulbs can become tiresome, especially in a busy office. Led bulbs on he other hand last for many years.

The outlook for led bulbs and LED technology is looking boundless. New applications are emerging every single day in the business sector and also in the home environment. Such lighting set-ups are said to continue to dramatically improve the way in which we live in the 21st century.

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